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Flertalet av dessa bilder är tagna av Morena Rieck klickade på Facebook-ikonen för att komma till hennes sida.

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Presentation av hund

Fler hundar väntar på att dyka upp  här :-)
Behöver bara bilder på dem.

Huskylyan King (Kingen)

Kingen is my best lead dog he is always calm and can sometimes get ideas where to go but he always listen immediately to my commands. He is neutered and get along with all dogs. Kingen is the calmest dog of them all.
Hes parents are Trahimius Dio and Team Amarox Mumin.  

Reg no: SE37308/2010

Huskylyan First Choice (Nana)

Nana is a lady. She rules her dogyard gently. She is always willing to run in all positions in the team.
Nana are from Trahimius Dio and Team Amarox Mumin

Reg no: SE37313/2010

Jiepeer's Naivi (Mini)

Mini Is a calm and really hardworking lead dog. She also like to run in the team. She always does her best.
Mini are from Huskylyans first choice and Ylajärvis vargtass.

Reg no: SE50518/2013

Jiepeer's Roku (Roku)

Roku is a big male with the best trott of them all. He is trotting in 25 kmh and that is beautiful to se. Roku I got back this winter from his former owners and he is already a member of the pack.
Roku are from Huskylyans first choice and Ylajärvis vargtass.

Reg no: SE50514/2013

Huskylyan Number One (One)

One is a female that cant be still. She must always move when nobody is there to pet her. She also has the ability to relax when there is non to se ;-)
She is sister to Nana and Kingen
Ones parents is Trahimius Dio and Team Amarox Mumin.

Reg no: SE37312/2010

Team Luna-Tic's Selma (Selma)

Selma is a working lead dog. She loves to lead. When she's not in the lead she runs in every place in the team.
Selmas parents is Niemanns Svenne and Huskygardets Dakota.

Reg no: SE49551/2011

Team Luna-Tic's Tyra (Tyra)

Tyra is a hard working female. She is a little bit more shy than her sister Selma. Tyra loves to run is always friendly.
Tyras parents is Niemanns Svenne and Huskygardets Dakota.

Reg no: SE45952/2011

Jiepeer's Pippin (Pippin)

Pippin is a really cuddly female. She loves to sit in kids laps. Pippin is also a really hardworking dog.
Her parents is Nymånens Ixius and Team Luna-Tics Selma.

Reg no: SE50508/2013

Nordic Sled Dog's Tolvi (Tolvi)

Tolvi is my only dog that l can have running free without overseeing her. She doesn't leave me.
She must run in wheel because she don'ts like to have other females behind her the first 500 m of the trail. Tolvi loves to get canoodle with.
Tolvis parents is Moon Runs Discovery and Moon Runs Carla Veloso.

Reg no: SE61471/2012

Jiepeer's Nosnowplains Lilla Puss (Puss)

Puss is a small female that also loves to run. Puss is a trainee to be a lead dog. Works very well in that position She is a very god trotter and she never gets tired. Like all my other dogs she likes to get some cuddle.
Her parents are: Norrsidans Kolbein and Nordic Sled Dog's C Tolvi.

Reg no: SE41764/2015

Jiepeer's Nosnowplains Doc Holliday (Doc)

Doc is a tall dog, light build and has god endurance. Little unsecure around other males but in the team working, he is very focused forward. Friendly around people. 
Docs parents are Norrsidans Kolbein and Nordic Sled Dog's C Tolvi.  

Reg no: SE41760/2015

Jiepeer's Nosnowplains Tula (Tula)

Tula is a normal sized female with very god work ethics. She is also a cuddle bear.
Tula parents are Norrsidans Kolbein and Nordic Sled Dog's C Tolvi. 

Reg no: SE41763/2015

Jiepeer's Nosnowplains Shiela (Shiela)

Shiela is a little smaller sized female with god proportions that is very happy. She loves kids and cuddle as soon as she can. She runs god.
Shielas are Norrsidans Kolbein and Nordic Sled Dog's C Tolvi.

Reg no: 41766/2015

Jiepeer's Bat Masterson (Bat)

Bat is a dog that is hazy. If he was human he would be from the 60 and member of the flower power movement. Very gently and tall with god body. Works hard always. He is a big teddy bear really.
Hes parents are Norrsidans Kolbein and Nordic Sled Dog's C Tolvi. 

Reg no: SE41761/2015

Jiepeer's Nosnowplain Älva (Älva)

Älva is a small dog with heavy body. Works well. She is training to be a lead dog but she has some issues she needs to get rid of first. She loves kids.
Älvas parents are Norrsidans Kolbein and Nordic Sled Dog's C Tolvi. 

Reg no: 41765/2015

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Huskygardets Skare and Blixt

These are the three brothers who have been together since they where puppies. Inseparable from start. They work hard, always willing to pull the sled.
Their parents are Fun Run Athlas II and Huskygardets Dakota.  

S21729/2006 S21730/2006 S21727/2006

Nattfrostens HS Harkan (Harry)

Harry is a gentle dog with a lot of play in him. He is also one of my best lead dog. Works best in single lead. Harry is very confident when in lead. Loves to snuggle and play.
Harrys parents are: Ylajärvis DT Helmer and Nattfrostens TD Skade

Reg no: SE19272/2015

Siberian Adventure's Yashin

Yashin is always super happy! And a real bullet in the team with a lot of speed under his paws.
Yashins parents are Siberian Adventure's Qanuk and Siberian Adventure's Preza.

Reg no: SE21452/2015

Vita-Vera (Vera)

Vera is a dog with so much joy. She always runs with a big smile on her face! She's a little bit shy, but when she trust you, she loves you, and really likes to cuddle.
Veras parents are Snow shadow's Mr White Guy and Of Macmuirich Djoara.


Trädgårdvargens Yla Britta (Britta)

Britta is a very playfull and happy dog. She is tough minded and works hard.
Britta's parents are Trädgårdvargens Gino and Fugitive's Despina.



Muradin (Murre)

Murre is strong as an ox and is well build. A little bit stubborn. He goes as a wheel dog.
He is still an unwritten card because of his youth, he's our youngest dog.
Murres parents are Sham Bolt and Ylajärvis MT Autumn.


Fugitive's Tufs

Tufs is the old lady with routine from a lot of competitions, now she's retired from competitions and work as a cuddle dog and have a lots of energy left.
Tufs parents are Fugitive's Zeppo and Wolf Tribe's Peanut.


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