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Sponsor a dog!

I am open to offers on the level of sponsorship however feel that a figure of 2000 sek per main team dog, 1250 sek for other race dogs and 750 sek for the retirees may be appropriate and would help us considerably making purchases such as dog booties, runner plastic, harnesses, helping with feed costs etc.. We will accept multiple sponsors for individual dogs but would like as many dogs as possible to get sponsored so dogs don't feel left out and unappreciated :-)

I am not that comfortable with asking for support so would prefer for everyone who sponsors a dog to get something back. Last year we tried to give everyone who sponsored a dog an item of kennel merchandise. If you sponsored a dog and didn't get anything please do let us know). This year we will definitely provide ‘signed’ photos of ‘your’ dog – the choice is yours if you want the dog, musher, handler or all three to sign.  Furthermore we will acknowledge all sponsors through social media as well as adding a detailed personality description of the dog next to their sponsor's name (and photo/kennel logo if you wish) on our website.   

There are a few dogs that already have their 'special' sponsors but as we say dogs can have multiple sponsors.

Please contact us to discuss individual dog sponsorship.

Donations can be made through Paypal. Please do contact us to chat about the dogs, especially if there is a story or link behind sponsoring a particular dog!

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